Web Info Extractor

Web Information Extractor is a powerful tool for web data mining and content extraction, content analysis. It can extract structure or unstructured data from web page, reform into local file or save to database, post to web server. No need to define complex template rules, just browse to the web page you are interesting and click what you want to define the extraction task, and run it as you want, or let it run automatically.

Key Features:

  • Easy to define extraction task, no need to learn complex and boring template rule.
  • Extract tabular as well as unstructured data to file, database.
  • Monitor web pages and extract new content when update.
  • Can deal with text, image and other link file.
  • Unicode support, can deal with web page in all language.
  • Support recursive task (child task) definition.
  • Running multi-task at the same time.

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    Web Text Extractor

    Web Text Extractor is design for extract text from web page and static control label in dialog easily. You can extract and copy these texts without select them.

    Key Features:

  • Extract text from web page, No text selection needed. Can extract unselectable text.
  • Filter transparent character and zero size character automatically.
  • Extract text from static control, edit control and windows caption.
  • Manage extracted text for you.

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